In my recent project as a Visiting Research Fellow at Kings College London (2015-2016), I examined Proust's A la recherche du temps perdu through Gadamerian hermeneutics. I am particularly interested in reading-related memories, self-understanding through reading, and selfhood as a process.


My other research interest is the imagery of breathing in European modernist literature – especially looking at the ways in which this imagery can illustrate the process of ‘being oneself’ (how the subject understands itself in relation to the constantly changing world).

The philosophical significance of this imagery pertains to the paradoxicality it contains: breathing is a process which both sustains and transforms, and as such may illustrate in a tangible way the question of what it means to be oneself and to remain oneself throughout time.

Work in progress:

Je ne savais même pas au premier instant qui j’étais: on selfhood, experience and Gadamerian in-betweens in Proust’s Recherche’

Conference papers:

‘“These portions of spaces were in me before”: Breathing the Self in Rainer Maria Rilke and Dylan Thomas' at Talking Bodies International Conference at University of Chester, United Kingdom (1 April, 2015)

‘Breathing Time: the Imagery of Breathing and the Invisibility of Change in Proust and Rilke’ at Time and Temporality in European Modernism and Avant-gardes 1900-1950, Leuven, Belgium (17 September 2013)

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